About us


Ivan Mijat was born in Zagreb in 1978 in Cancer zodiac sign. The veterinary call attracted him during high school, while attending the physiology as part of the curriculum that intrigued him and was the key reason for enrolment at University of Zagreb Veterinary medicine faculty in 1996. After graduation in 2003. he gained veterinary experience working in two small animal veterinary clinic in Zagreb. In 2006 he started his career in one of the biggest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world and during next 10 years he was responsible for small animal veterinary medicine portfolio in the Republic of Croatia. During that time, he attended educations in the field of selling skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills, proactive responsibility and others, and cooperated with a large number of veterinary organizations and veterinarians through the entire Republic of Croatia. In 2016 he founded the company M2Guide to make his knowledge and experience available to other companies that base their businesses on the commercialisation of veterinary medicinal products, accessories for use in veterinary medicine or food supplements for animals.